Welcome Week 2022 was a vibe!

Kent Invest welcome fair

Welcome Week takes place at the beginning of the academic year. A week full of events and activities designed to help new students make friends, familiarise themselves with their new surroundings and have a lot of fun. Who’s ready to start the Autumn Term?!

In case you missed it, last week was Welcome Week, where we welcomed over 250 new students to the School of Economics!  From scavenging around campus, to relaxing in beanbags for some serious Mario Kart gameplay, we really hope our new students have settled in well.

Kicking off our Welcome Week was the division-wide scavenger hunt, where new students from all four schools competed to win prizes. Entrants were given a list of photographs to create and upload to social media with the hashtag #wwscavenge22, and then race back in time for the awards ceremony. Our Economics teams included Hagrid, Placebo, and Winterfell, with the overall Winning Scavengers being ‘Banana Man’ from the School of Psychology. A creative way to orientate yourself on campus and make friends while doing it!

econ scavenger hunt
Team ‘Placebo’ posing for a Scavenger Hunt shot.

On Tuesday afternoon, our academic staff gathered to deliver a welcome lecture to new students, which introduced them to the school and to various aspects of their economics degree course. After which, our new students and staff got to know each other at a wonderful drinks reception.  Dr Jan-Philipp Dueber, the Stage 1 convenor told us ‘I felt the room was full of energy and everyone was eager to meet other like minded future economists. I’m looking forward to teaching these students in the coming spring term.’

Econ Welcome Drinks
Dr Penélope Pacheco-López, director of our Year In Industry programme chats to some of our 250 new students.

“We had a wonderful welcome week. I was very impressed with how engaged our Stage 1 students are, which bodes very well for their experience at Kent in years to come.’ Head of School Miguel León-Ledesma told us. ‘All students I spoke to were highly motivated. So are we! We are excited to start teaching, organising events, talking about employability, and many more things in weeks to come.”

Econ Welcome Drinks

On Wednesday, our new UG and PG students all got the chance to unwind together and feel more at home with the Chill Zone. Who wouldn’t feel at home with board games, and a Mario Kart session?

chill zone mario kart
We’re picking Yoshi every time.

Thursday brought the Welcome Fair, which was a busy! The sun came out, students joined societies, and Josh Cheeseman (Kent Invest‘s Vice President) requested a henna Bitcoin logo from the Bengali Society. Friday concluded with another jam-packed day of running from stall-to-stall bagging as much free merch as possible between showers of rain!

welcome fair societies
Kent Marketing Society and Kent Invest recruiting members.

“Many thanks also to our students’ societies for engaging with our freshers.’ concluded Professor León-Ledesma!  ‘We hope you will all feel part of the Kent Economics community.”

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