Public Transport in the Post Pandemic World

What is the transport problem? The need for consistent policies on pricing and investment. Emeritus Professor Roger Vickerman gives this year’s Ogden Lecture at Monash University

  "nick-fewings-oBnAP0eHmdY-unsplash" by Nick Fewings .

Professor Roger Vickerman has been invited to give this year’s Ogden Lecture at Monash University in Melbourne on 9 September.

‘In a post-pandemic world, transport faces a perfect storm of problems. Public sector budgets squeezed by support given during the early stages of lockdown face the difficulty of supporting public transport as demand patterns are changing; new infrastructure projects planned on the basis of an expanding economy generating wider economic impacts may now appear less attractive; the environmental imperative to get to net-zero; and the recognition that access to transport has become increasingly unequal on the basis of income, age, disability and location, all have serious impacts.’

This lecture will focus on how to produce consistent pricing and investment decisions against this background.

Details and registration here

Professor Vickerman is in Australia also for the Thredbo 17 Conference Sydney, Australia where he is leading one of the Workshops on ‘Sustainable transport systems’.