June News RoundUp

We explored resettlement in Refugee Week, recognised Pride by examining inequalities in sexual minority earnings and our development economists delved into child marriage, climate change, conflict and wellbeing at the annual DeReCK workshop.


  • Our Ukranian colleague¬†Dr Olena Nizalova has been heavily involved in incentives to accommodate refugees from the war in Kent. She blogs about efforts to help those both fleeing the war and those remaining in Ukraine. Find out more.
  • Padma Bridge, the longest in Bangladesh was inaugurated on June 25th. Research on the bridge that previously held this record, by Dr Zaki Wahhaj and Dr Amrit Amirapu shows how it affected migration, marriage and employment for females in the Dhaka region. Read more.
  • During Refugee Week 2022 Rinchan Mirza, comments on how European governments integrating Ukrainian refugees into their territories need to understand the long-term impacts of refugee resettlement when developing effective policies. Read here.

We celebrated Pride

  • Lucy Watson is in the last year of her undergraduate degree and chose to research sexual minority disparities in earnings for her dissertation. She blogs about her research

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