Celebrating the Class of 2021, finally

These were the students who were most impacted by the Covid pandemic, so it was extremely joyful to catch up with them before their belated graduation ceremonies in Canterbury this month.

We welcomed back all the graduating students of 2021 for their formal graduation ceremonies this month at Canterbury Cathedral, and met with them beforehand at an informal reception to toast their achievements.

In Head of School Professor Miguel León-Ledesma‘s speech, he made a point of highlighting, not only the importance of academic achievement. but also the relationships made at University.

“University gives you education, but also a closely knit network of friends who have shared experiences and hence tend to think alike. I hope you all keep the Economics Class of 2021 spirit alive and keep in close contact, form a community, and help each other.”

This particularly resonated as it was this cohort’s time at University that had been so impacted by the global pandemic.

We also celebrated the academic prizes awarded which were as follows:

  • Jack Butland was awarded the Nick May Prize for the Stage 3 Best Performer
  • As the standard was so high for this year of UG finalists the Dissertation Prize was shared between Jacob Cowen, Nikita Golubov, Joel Pointon, Eleanor Taylor and Adhitya Una-Sudheer
  • The Thirlwall Prize went jointly to Joshua Green and David Bateman
  • The UG Outstanding Performance Prize for Stage 3 was awarded to Joel Pointon.
  • The Daniel Trotter Prize was awarded to Udochi Nwokoma.
  • The postgraduate prizes for Top dissertation, Best degree performance and Best stage 1 all went to Neel Roy. Outstanding!

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