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Dr Alex Klein has obtained research funding for ‘Regional Inequality and Energy Trends in the UK: A Long-Run Perspective’.

Dr Alex Klein, together with Joan Roses (LSE) and Ryland Thomas and Sally Srinivasan, both from Bank of England, have obtained research funding for this ONS project: ‘Regional Inequality and Energy Trends in the UK: A Long-Run Perspective‘.

It will be helmed by Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE) under their research themes ‘National Accounts and Beyond GDP; Regional and Labour Market Statistics’. Apart from academic interest, this will be an impact-generating project given recent government’s levelling-up policy spelled out in their White paper.

Abstract: The project develops new regional historical accounts by combining industry level productivity data with regional wage and employment data from the Census of Production, the Labour Gazettes, and Employment and Productivity Gazette. The final dataset will provide decadal regional accounts at the equivalent of the current NUTS2 level which will increase the number of regional historical benchmarks broken down by sectors/industries covered and will cover period 1900-1950. Furthermore, the project will create historical data on energy use and emissions. The new dataset will be contribute to the considerable academic and policymaker interest in regional inequality by forming the building block for the creation of regional capital accounts and regional consumer Price Indices.