Your School of Economics Postgraduate Welcome Week 2021 schedule is out now!

  "pexels-michael-burrows-7129010" by Photo by Michael Burrows from Pexels.

The time has come to start your postgraduate degree! And the School of Economics is here to make that transition as smooth as possible. Get started with talks about how and what you will study, and fun activities where you can meet other Kent economists!

DOWNLOAD the School of Economics Welcome Week Schedule for Postgraduate Students pdf (updated 16/09/21)

There could be small changes to the schedule, so we recommend that you check this page daily. The above pdf contains links to pages of the Kent website and to online events which are not in the images below.

Below are some event descriptions and explanations that you may find useful.

Postgraduates Students undertaking a degree after a first degree i.e. Master’s degree or PhD.
Division of Human and Social Sciences (HSS) The Schools of Anthropology and Conservation, Economics, Politics and International Relations and Psychology make up this Division.
Chill Zone Feeling Overwhelmed? Suffering from information overload? The excitement of starting Uni too much?

Visit The Chill zone.

We’ve got a range of activities, providing quieter ways to connect with yourself and others.

Soothe your senses with chocolate tasting, chill out music and aromatherapy.

Make time for playfulness – we’ve got Checkers, Perudo, Blokus and more! Join a short mindfulness welcome session to get you in the zone.

Prepare for EXTREME relaxation!

Scavenger Hunt With a shopping list of shots and a brand new bunch of bosom buddies you will race against other teams to take as many of the pictures from the list as you can around campus!

Slap them on social media with the right #hashtags to make them count and with any luck you’ll be bagging that booty for your very own.

DISCLAIMER: okay not everyone can win a prize….

But you WILL make new friends from your academic schools in this fast paced Scavenger Hunt around our beautiful campus.

Sign up, meet us in Eliot, get a team and get shooting!

We can’t wait to see you there!

The BIG Quiz Pit your wits against a world ranking quiz master, Steve ‘what do points make’ Lilley.

Having written rounds for Mastermind, competed in The Chase, 15 to 1 and Blockbusters, he’s taking on the Division of Human and Social Sciences in this specially constructed EPIC quiz just for you!

With a picture round, a music round, and a ‘special’ last round, have you got the nerve to take on the BIG Quiz?