Revision Week Sessions to help you revise for exams this Summer

Are you a stage 2 or 3 economics student? If so, keep on reading to find out about exam revision sessions available during revision week.

We really want to support you to have the most productive exam season.
Kick off the revision season using these non-compulsory sessions.
No new material will be introduced, and many will be student led, i.e., based around student questions.
Some of the benefits of attending:
Reduce anxiety around exams
– Re-familiarise yourself with module content 
– Clear up any confusion 
– Know how to prepare properly
– A friendly reminder that other students are probably unsure about similar topics 
– Reminder that support is still available 
– Find out exactly what you need to do
– How long is each exam?
– How many questions do you have to answer?
– What format do the answers take (e.g. essays, multiple-choice questions)?


Date: 4th May – 7th May (Revision Week)

Location: Online (Module Teams Channels)


Module Revision Schedule:

EC547 Tuesday 13th April 17:00pm-18:00pm

EC562 Tuesday 4th May 11:00am-12:00pm

EC563 Tuesday 4th May 13:00pm-14:00pm

EC824 Tuesday 4th May 14:00pm-15:00pm

EC543 Tuesday 4th May 14:00pm-15:00pm

EC840 Tuesday 4th May 15:00pm-16:00pm

EC540 Tuesday 4th May 15:00pm-16:00pm

EC570 Tuesday 4th May 16:00pm-17:00pm

EC547 Tuesday 4th May 17:00pm-18:00pm

EC569 Wednesday 5th May 10:00am-11:00am

EC582 Wednesday 5th May 12:00pm-13:00pm

EC546 Wednesday 5th May 14:00pm-15:00pm

EC545 Wednesday 5th May 16:00pm-17:00pm

EC585 Thursday 6th May 11:00am-12:00pm

EC500 Thursday 6th May 14:00pm-15:00pm

EC553 Thursday 6th May 15:00pm-16:00pm

EC583 Thursday 6th May 16:00pm-17:00pm

EC535 Friday 7th May 10:00am-11:00am

EC549 Friday 7th May 12:00pm-13:00pm

EC544 Friday 7th May 14:00pm-15:00pm

EC500 Friday 7th May 14:00pm-15:00pm


If there is no revision session for a particular module, please remember that all staff will be available (if not on leave) as per their usual consultation hours policy published in the Economics Guide, so don’t be shy! 

Please ensure your revision session does not overlap with that of another module in the same stage. We strongly recommend that you have a revisions session if your module is compulsory or if your exam format has changed.