Finalist Event: Thinking of doing a Master’s in Economics?

As you approach the end of your undergraduate studies, many of you may be wondering about a Master’s degree, what you would get out of it, whether it is right for you, and when is the right time to do it.

On Friday 26 March from 5pm-6pm, we are holding an informal session on Teams about doing an MSc in Economics and related programmes, with Dr Zaki Wahhaj and two current Master’s students, Ally Kirtley and Tolu Shomoye who were previously undergraduates at Kent.

So if you have been thinking about – or are in the process of – applying for Master’s programmes, we encourage you to attend.

Please join the session via the Teams link below:

Thinking of Doing an MSc in Economics?

If you have any questions, before or after the event, about postgraduate study in the School of Economics, please send them to us at