How the Business Start-up Journey Made My Dream a Reality

By Mercy Adeniji

The Business Start-Up Journey is a step-by-step programme that guides students through the process of starting a business through a series of fun, interactive and practical workshops.

Ever since I was young I would always watch The Apprentice and Dragons Den with my parents and dream of being on there one day. As I got older the reality of my dreams began to fade, until I had my most recent business idea – VeGate, an online vegan food delivery service. It is an app designed to be the gateway to your vegan needs, to connect the vegan community in a way that has never been done before.

Whilst the majority of my ideas stay jotted in my notepad, something told me to push this one further and get in connect with the ASPIRE team at Kent. I didn’t expect much, but Rebecca Smith overwhelmed me with support and encouragement and let me know about all the exciting things that go on in the programme.

Although I knew my business had potential, I didn’t know where to start, having no knowledge other than the foundations of business. However, the team at ASPIRE host weekly workshops that have helped to develop my understanding of what investors want and in such a short space of time my business intellect.

Last year if you would have told me that I would my pitching my business to investors at the end of the month, I would have said you were lying.

Having confirmed a place to pitch in the finals, I have the pleasure of having one to one sessions with investor Karen Winton, who’s expertise is helping to carve my business into something investors won’t want to miss. Whilst advice is priceless, the chance of winning the prize money would help to market my business, covering costs which for a student can be quite intimidating.

The confidence that has grown within me, knowing that other people are excited by my ideas and believe in them is something that I would never have got without the ASPIRE team. My hunger for success is growing every day and so I’m excited to show my passion to the judges at Finals.

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