London Workshop for our Year in Industry students

“It was a great session. It covered everything I had in mind.”

Last week we caught up with 24 of our Year in Industry students at our London workshop.

The students who spend a year between stages 2 and 3 working at placements, which can be a real boost to their CV’s, and an opportunity to apply their academic skills in a practical context.

There was a great mix between private and public host businesses –we have students currently working at Lloyds, the Home Office, Disney, the Office of National Statistic, IBM and the NHS.

Now that they are halfway through, it was fantastic to hear their feedback and also prepare them for the return to campus this September.

“It’s an opportunity for the placement students to network together, to re-connect them with the university that they are still part of and for us to see that they are excelling,” explained Director of Placements Dr Penelope Pachero-Lopez

Also many students will return to permanent employment at these companies when their degree is completed a year later.

If you’re interested in learning more, there will be an opportunity to hear from returning students in the Autumn term.