The Return of Pub Quiz

We had a really bustling evening with 15 teams of staff and students taking part in our School of Economics pub quiz.

We had a fantastic turnout at this year’s School of Economics Pub Quiz. 15 teams of staff and students took part, in a bespoke quiz created by Professor Iain Fraser.

Essentially we were tested on our general knowledge but, we of course, there were some economics questions thrown in there too,

Q.  What is the latest edition of the text book “Economic Development” by Professor Tony Thirlwall?

A. Tenth

some niche indie music questions, and some inventive team names (‘This is not a drill, there is a fire, please evacuate’, ‘John Peirson Appreciation Society’ and ‘I thought this was speed dating’ being favourites). Also Luke Buchanan-Hodgman’s  disappointment at his team’s placement has become an annual feature.

‘John’s Jovial Jesters’ , made up of Gavin, James, Aaryaman, Muhammad and Jennifer in Stage 3, romped to victory with 44 points, but generally much fun was had by all.