Economics PhD student to join World Bank

Economics PhD student, Sashana Whyte, has been selected to join the Young Professionals Program of the World Bank from September this year.

Since its inception in 1963, the World Bank’s Young Professionals Program has recruited over 1,700 people from nearly 120 countries, who now range from new recruits to senior management in the World Bank Group. The program was established and still is in place to attract outstanding, highly qualified, diverse, experienced and motivated younger individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to international development, supported by academic success, professional achievement and potential for leadership. The Program recruits through a highly selective and competitive process and then facilitates the rapid integration of the newly recruited Young Professionals into the World Bank Group’™s business and culture.

Sashana was selected for one of 40 positions from 4,000 applicants. This is a considerable achievement on her part and she deserves our warmest congratulations and very best wishes for her future career.