Student rises to the challenge

econ-network-logo2Mihai Paraschiv, an MSc student from the School of Economics, has received a commendation for his entry to the Economics Network Student Challenge 2011.

Students across the UK were offered the opportunity to submit creative entries on the topic ‘Why Study Economics @ University?’. Unlike previously, this year’s entries could be submitted in any creative format, not just in writing. The quality of entries received was extremely highand included songs, poems, videos and comic strips among others. Below is an excerpt from Mihai’s creative essay, listed as one of the best quotes from this year’s entries.

“Do you like Brahms? I think yes. But what would Brahms have to do with economics? He was after all just a composer, who wrote and left behind music for people to enjoy. …See the point now? He was a composer, but in essence, his talent is human capital, his music a positive externality and the enjoyment we derive from it consumption. – excerpt from Mihai’s creative essay.”

All the entries will be published on both the Studying Economics and Why Study? Economics websites.