Why your firm will benefit from employing an Economics Apprentice!

Kent is now delivering an innovative undergraduate degree apprenticeship programme, that is designed around the needs of employers but which still develops strongly analytical economists.

Our Professional Economist Degree Apprenticeship Programme, devised in conjunction with the GES and shortlisted for The Guardian University Awards 2020 in the category of Widening Access and Outreach, already has 155 apprentices making a real significant contribution to their organisations. 

Apprentice economists are working across Central and Local Government as well as a number of private sector firms including the, the Bank of England, ARUP, Jacobs, Hastings, Little Lion Research, helping boost productivity.  In addition we have several new employers on board in  2021 including The Health Foundation, NIESR and Oxford Economics. The contribution of the apprentices on the programme so far has already been positive. 

“Their unique personal experiences and perspectives are helping us to build a diverse workforce that better understands data and the impact our work has on the nations that we serve.” Alex Lardner, Head of Early Talent at ONS

The scheme had been devised to draw applicants from across a wide spectrum of traditional educational backgrounds as well as diverse working experiences, so its a great opportunity for employers to access more varied talent who bring those differing experiences to bear in the working environment. 

Currently we have a very high level of demand from outstanding pool of prospective apprentices.So, whether your current employer contributes to the apprenticeship levy or not it can still gain public money to fund the training and development of its existing talent or to hire new staff as Professional Economist apprentices. We are keen to identify any potential employers who might be able to benefit from sending staff onto this apprenticeship. Also apprentices starting in 2021 will qualify for the new £3k incentive from HM Treasury.

“It’s a completely different learning experience. I think it’s superior actually. When you do a university degree you don’t learn a lot of practical skills that employers are really after.” Teale Cunningham, Apprentice Economist at the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

If you think your firm could benefit from the programme, please put us in touch with the appropriate department within your company that deals with HR, career development or apprenticeships or alternatively share the details about the apprenticeship degree programme with your employer.

If you or your employer have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Dedicated staff in the School of Economics will be happy to meet, introduce the programme and explain how it could really help your organisation.

Contact us on proecon@kent.ac.uk