Vicky Haigney is awarded joint winner of ‘Best Overall Performance’ for Stage One of the Economics Degree Apprenticeship.

We are delighted to announce Vicky as joint winner of ‘Best Overall Performance’ award for stage 1 of the Economics Degree Apprenticeship. This University of Kent School of Economics award recognises the hard work and dedication that she has put into her studies alongside work.

“My desire for work experience led me to apprenticeships,” she explains “however most ‘economic’ apprenticeships I found focused on gaining finance qualifications rather than a degree. When I found the GESDAP apprenticeship, it boasted the perfect combination of studying economics and applying it in the field, an opportunity which I could not pass up on! So, I applied and never looked back.”

Vicky is a Year 2 GES Apprentice Economist working in Office for National Statistics.

“Being awarded the Best Overall Performance prize for Stage 1 of my degree apprenticeship has proven to me that my hard work really does pay off.” she told us “This motivates me every day to learn new things and to take on challenges outside of my usual comfort zone. I will strive to apply the same work ethic that allowed me to succeed in Stage 1 to all aspects of my future study and work.”

Well done Vicky! Well deserved.

Vicky is studying for an Apprenticeship, Professional Economist L6 and BSc Professional Economist with Hons.