Hebah Pervaiz is joint winner of our Stage One ‘Best Overall Performance’ award.

We are delighted to announce Hebah Pervaiz as joint winner of ‘Best Overall Performance’ award for Stage 1 of the Economics Degree Apprenticeship.

Hebah is a Year 2 GES Apprentice Economist working with Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. This School of Economics award recognises the hard work and dedication that she has put into her studies alongside work.

“I am pleased that my efforts have been recognised. I applied for this apprenticeship as I was keen to gain practical work experience and develop technical skills, while learning about interesting economic theory through my degree.” Hebah told us “The prospect of working at the centre of government, delivering analysis to inform some of the most relevant challenges the country faces was also very exciting!”

The unique blend of applied and academic learning that this degree apprenticeship offers is really what enables this level of development. Many thanks go to those at the University of Kent, the GES and Department for BEIS who provide these opportunities and promote a supportive culture for learning.

Well done Hebah!

Hebah Pervaiz is studying for an Apprenticeship, Professional Economist L6 and BSc Professional Economist with Hons.