Brendan Clarke is Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Medicine at University College London. He is interested in the viral causation of cancers; classifications in the life sciences; evidence based medicine; anatomical illustrations; and synthetic biology.



Donald Gillies is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Science and Mathematics at University College London. He is interested in the philosophies of probability, causality, medicine, science and mathematics.



Mike Kelly has recently retired as Director of the Public Health Excellence Centre at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). He is interested in evidence based approaches to health improvement, health inequalities, methodological problems in public health research, evidence synthesis, coronary heart disease prevention, chronic illness, disability, physical activity, public dental health and community involvement in health promotion.




Phyllis Illari is Lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Science at University College London. She is interested in causality in the sciences; the philosophies of biology and psychology; and the philosophy of information.




Federica Russo is Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. She is interested in the philosophies of causality, probability and technology.



Kurt Straif is Section Head of IARC Monographs at the International Agency for Research on Cancer. He is interested in epidemiology and social medicine.




Jan Vandenbroucke is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Leiden. He is interested in epidemiology, medicine and methodology.




Jon Williamson is Professor of Reasoning, Inference and Scientific Method at the University of Kent. He is interested in the philosophy of causality and probability as well as logic and reasoning.


Other consortium members:


Nancy Cartwright is Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, University of Durham and at the University of California, San Diego. She is interested in philosophy and history of science (especially physics and economics), causal inference and objectivity and evidence, especially evidence-based policy. 



Olaf Dammann is Research Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine. He is interested in developmental disability epidemiology, perinatal epidemiology, and the theory of risk and causation.




Andy Fugard is a social scientist and lecturer at the UCL Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology. He is interested in using practice-based evidence to learn whether and how psychosocial interventions help.



Eileen Munro is Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics. She is interested in risk assessment and management in child protection and mental health work.



If you work in health care or health care methodology and would like to join up please send an email to the EBM+ coordinator, Michael Wilde.


Students and postdocs on associated projects:

Stefan Dragulinescu, Centre for Reasoning, University of Kent.

Alex FiorentinoTufts University School of Medicine.

Veli-Pekka Parkkinen, Centre for Reasoning, University of Kent.

Christian Wallmann, Centre for Reasoning, University of Kent

Michael Wilde, Centre for Reasoning, University of Kent.