Division of Natural Sciences Welcome Timetables & Information (Postgraduate)

Welcome to NATS!

A warm and enthusiastic welcome to you as you embark on an exciting journey within the realm of the natural sciences at Kent. Your choice to join us marks the beginning of a remarkable adventure filled with exploration, discovery, and intellectual growth.

In our division, we are dedicated to fostering a deep passion for comprehending the world around us. Whether you’re captivated by the mysteries of the cosmos, the intricate complexities of life on Earth, the forces shaping our planet, or the technologies propelling innovation, you’ve discovered your academic home. Our esteemed faculty, state-of-the-art research facilities, and diverse array of programs are all designed to provide you with an exceptional and comprehensive education.

As you immerse yourself in your chosen field, you’ll not only amass knowledge but also cultivate critical thinking skills, problem-solving prowess, and a profound admiration for the marvels of nature. Collaboration is integral to our ethos, and you’ll find numerous opportunities to collaborate with fellow postgraduate students, esteemed faculty, and field experts.

Your journey through the natural sciences will be enriched by captivating lectures, hands-on experiments, and the chance to contribute to groundbreaking research endeavours. The challenges you encounter will serve as catalysts for your growth, as true development often arises from stepping out of your comfort zone.

Always remember, you’re not simply joining a division; you’re becoming an integral part of a dynamic community that holds curiosity, resilience, and the pursuit of knowledge in high regard. The experiences you gain here will indelibly shape your future and open pathways to a world full of possibilities.

Once more, welcome to the Division of Natural Sciences. We eagerly anticipate witnessing your intellectual progress, celebrating your achievements, and offering unwavering support at every juncture of your journey.

Your Welcome Week Timetables

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Thank you for choosing Kent

Thank you for choosing the University of Kent as your academic home. Your decision marks the start of an extraordinary chapter in your scholarly journey. We’re thrilled to have you on board as we embark on this transformative adventure together. Get ready to explore, learn, and forge lasting memories within our vibrant community.

Welcome to a realm of endless possibilities!


If you require an alternative version of any of our Welcome Timetables for accessibility reasons, please contact the NATS Student Experience Team (NatsStudentExperience@kent.ac.uk)