Extended opening hours are here!

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The new extended opening hours are here! From 7 January 2019 the Drill Hall Library is open 24hrs every MONDAY to FRIDAY until 7 June 2019 (including all Bank Holidays)!

During weekends the library closes at midnight on Saturdays and open 10am – midnight on Sundays.

See detailed service hours here.

Students are kindly reminded to note our “No ID, No Entry” policy. Day Passes are not issued after midnight.
All external members including Public Access users and SCONUL users must vacate the library by midnight.

Also please note that we are operating the Unattended Belongings & PCs policy, which means that any items left in the library for a long time will be removed by staff and PCs restarted for another user. Any unsaved documents and files may be lost in the process.

Do take regular short breaks to refresh. You can use “Take a Break” icon on the library PCs and take a 40 min break from studying.

Do also make sure you get enough sleep at home.

We are here to help and wish you good luck with your exam revision!

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