Sarah Frow conquers day 3 of the Pilgrims’ Way Run

Sarah Frow, fitness instructor at the Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapy (PCIT) who is living with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, has just completed day three of her incredible fundraising challenge – running from Winchester to Canterbury over six days. This journey, in support of PCIT, is a testament to her determination and a powerful message of hope for those living with Parkinson’s disease.

With cheers and well wishes from friends Jacqui, Graham and their furry companion Marlie, Sarah and her running partner Steve set off from Guildford this morning heading for South Croydon.  Along the way, they met a group of cyclists training for the London-Paris bike ride. They were so moved by Sarah’s story that they shared her challenge on their social media channels, helping to spread awareness and secure even more donations for the cause.

Today’s run covered a demanding 45 kilometers (roughly 28 miles) with 1,100m of ascent, adding to the impressive total of 125.4 kilometers (78 miles) that Sarah and Steve have run so far. Their unwavering commitment and positive spirit are truly inspiring.

Of her experience so far, Sarah said: “Three days down and every mile has been filled with amazing scenery and incredible support.  My legs might be screaming, but the kindness of everyone who’s donated and cheered me on is keeping me going. A huge thank you to family, friends, colleagues and even strangers who’ve dug deep to help me raise £22,000 so far! Here’s to the next leg of the journey!”

If you haven’t already, please consider donating to Sarah and Steve’s fundraising campaign. Every contribution helps PCIT continue its vital work in offering exercise therapy to those living with Parkinson’s.

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