Local Councillors help PCIT celebrate World Therapeutic Horticulture Day

We were delighted to welcome councillors from Canterbury City Council and Kent County Council to the Parkinson’s Centre for integrated Therapy (PCIT) today to celebrate World Therapeutic Horticulture Day. Their visit served as a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate how their generous contribution of £2,200 has directly benefitted our community. This vital funding helped establish our Horticultural Therapy Programme, which has improved the symptoms of many of our members living with Parkinson’s.

We were proud to showcase the power of gardening in improving the lives of our members. The afternoon included a tour of the Centre, where Cllrs Mel Dawkins, Dan Watkins and Dane Buckman met with Professor David Wilkinson (PCIT Director) and Mark Colley (PCIT’s Clinical Lead). The highlight, however, came under the warm sunshine as everyone got their hands dirty planting strawberries and dwarf beans!

The planter used for this therapeutic activity was funded by a grant from Cllr Mel Dawkins who shared her enthusiasm for the cause, stating: “I was delighted to support such a worthwhile project and am absolutely thrilled to see what my funding helped purchase. Witnessing the joy of horticultural therapy firsthand was truly inspiring.”

Staff and members of PCIT echo Mel’s sentiment. Horticultural therapy offers a unique blend of physical activity, mindfulness and connection with nature, all of which contribute significantly to the well-being of our members.

In the spirit of World Therapeutic Horticulture Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the power of a simple seed, some sunshine and the dedication of our incredible supporters. Here’s to continued growth, both in our therapeutic garden and in the lives of those we support.


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