Celebrating World Parkinson’s Day and one year of PCIT

On Thursday 11th April 2024 members and staff at the Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapy came together to celebrate both World Parkinson’s Day and the first anniversary of our groundbreaking Centre.

The colour blue has long been associated with Parkinson’s disease so this was our theme for the day, with everybody donning their finest blue attire. We saw everything from sky blue shirts to hats fit for a royal garden party, with a few adventurous souls sporting temporary blue hairspray!

The real highlight, however, was the official launch of our exciting new horticultural therapy programme. This innovative programme allows people with Parkinson’s to connect with nature, fostering a sense of calm and well-being while also improving motor skills and dexterity through gardening activities. The beauty of this programme is that it’s open to friends and family members as well, creating a wonderful opportunity for shared experiences and connection.

The day was a beautiful testament to the power of integrated therapy, not just for managing Parkinson’s symptoms, but for fostering a supportive and positive environment.

Professor David Wilkinson, Director of the Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapy, commented on the significance of the day, stating: “World Parkinson’s Day is a crucial opportunity to raise awareness of this condition and celebrate the incredible strength and resilience of those living with it. Here at PCIT, we were especially delighted to combine this celebration with our first anniversary. It’s a testament to the dedication of our staff and the unwavering spirit of our members that we’ve achieved so much in such a short time.”

We’re incredibly grateful for the staff, members and supportive families who make PCIT such a special place. We are also extremely thankful to all our donors who have made this Centre possible. Here’s to many more years of making a difference to those living with Parkinson’s.


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