The PCIT Friends Group Pizza and Quiz Event is a Rocking Success!

The Friends of the Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapy held a Pizza and Quiz lunchtime event today which was a smash hit! There was a fantastic turnout and the afternoon was filled with fun, food and friendly competition!

Many members joined the festivities, putting their general knowledge to the test with a lighthearted quiz that had everyone wracking their brains for the correct answers. The real highlight of the event was the incredible Smiling Sessions who had everybody singing along and tapping their feet to their amazing range of songs. Everybody was uplifted and there was a sense of joy and community spirit.

We’d like to thank everyone who came out and made the event such a success. A special thanks go to the Smiling Sessions for their incredible performance and to our Friends Group for their endless enthusiasm and energy and for putting on such a great event.

We’re already gearing up for the next round and would love to see some new faces. So, whether you’re a PCIT member, a friend of the Centre, or simply love a good quiz and delicious pizza, we encourage you to watch this space!

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