A Heartfelt Thank You to Agilico

Spreading holiday joy in Medway! 


As we embrace the festive season and the spirit of giving, we are deeply thankful for the generosity and genuine compassion shown by Agilico’s Medway office for their recent donation to our Christmas Appeal to provide food and gifts to Medway students most in need. 

As a large tech company, Agilico’s commitment to the local community is an excellent example of how businesses can make a real difference to people’s lives. Agilico has a longstanding social ethic for championing corporate responsibility, and we are delighted to receive this gift which reaches far beyond the financial support; to our students, it sends a message of hope and compassion for the future. 

 “This kind of support means so much to me and so many others like me and we are so grateful to everyone who has supported this cause. I can now focus on completing my assignments and prepare for my January placement without the worry of thinking about the financial burden of affording basic needs. I am so grateful for your kindness, thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Anonymous Medway student.

This generous contribution has enabled us to provide a substantial number of festive boxes to local students facing financial hardship this Christmas. A happier, more festive holiday season is now possible for those most in need in our community as a direct result of this kind donation.  

“We believe in the power of education and the potential within every student. In the spirit of the season, Agilico is proud to contribute to the Christmas Food and Gifts Appeal. Our commitment to supporting young minds aligns with our core values, and we hope this donation brings warmth and joy to those facing challenges. Happy holidays to all, and we hope the spirit of giving continues to make a positive impact on lives.” James Spencer, Commercial Director, Agilico. 

Giving back to disadvantaged communities does more than simply improve the lives of those they help; it also paves the way for a more sensitive and socially aware society in the future. Once again, on behalf of our students, we extend our humble gratitude to Agilico, and all businesses that decide to spread joy and positivity throughout their community this holiday season. Our sincere thanks to all our supporters, staff, alumni, and friends, wishing you all a joyful holiday season filled with warmth, kindness, and generosity.