Exciting PCIT/Fenwick Partnership launches on evening of Thursday 2nd November

PCIT are very pleased to be launching a partnership with Canterbury’s designer department store, Fenwick, in order to offer bespoke shopping experiences for our members

For some people with Parkinson’s, shopping may not be the pleasurable experience that it was in the past.  This can be due to variety of symptom-related reasons, ranging from mobility and communication challenges to struggling to source suitable clothing or health and beauty items that meet their needs, as well as managing to negotiate busy or crowded spaces.  Our new partnership aims to address these factors by offering bespoke health and beauty treatments and offering information and access to specialised products such as stylish, adaptable clothing.  These new shopping opportunities will take place in out-of-hours slots and be managed by store staff who have had special training in how to create the best shopping experiences for people who are living with Parkinson’s disease.

PCIT members are being offered the chance to be involved in a trial phase of the new service, before plans to roll out them out further to people with other long-term neurological conditions are put into motion.

The launch event for the PCIT/Fenwick partnership is taking place after the store has closed to the public, this coming Thursday, 2nd November, at 5.30pm, on Level 2 of the Fenwick store in the Event Room next to the Cafe.  

The event will include product exhibitions, free wine tasting, information on adaptive tools and clothing, an open discussion on the partnership, where attendees will be encouraged to share their thoughts, views and ideas and Fenwick goodies bags.

Whilst the private shopping evening can accommodate an unlimited number of shoppers, if you are interested in participating in the launch activities, please pre-book by emailing parkinsons@kent.ac.uk, as numbers are restricted to fifty guests.  Any empty spaces on the evening will given away on a first come/first serve basis.