Volunteers wanted for research study

Research volunteers are needed for a study investigating inhalation of hydroxy gas in people with Parkinson’s

We have an opportunity for people with Parkinson’s looking at whether inhaling hydroxy gas (a mixture of oxygen and 2-4% hydrogen) can help to alleviate symptoms.

Who do the researchers need?

  • 20 adults with Parkinson’s
  • who physically independent, experience symptoms on both sides of the body and/or experience problems with their balance
  • who are currently taking medication for Parkinson’s
  • and are able to travel to a Canterbury study site

Contact the lead researcher via the details below if you are unsure if you are eligible.
What is involved?

You will be asked to attend two visits at the University of Kent in Canterbury. During one visit you will inhale hydroxy gas for two hours and during another visit you will inhale a placebo gas – dummy gas – for two hours.

You will also undertake various assessments at both visits, such as questionnaires and blood samples.

There is contrasting evidence about the effects of inhalation of hydrogen gas in people with Parkinson’s. Previous studies have looked at the effect of inhaling the gas everyday over weeks and months, however nothing has been reported about the effects of inhaling the gas in the short term. This study will look at the effect on your body or your mood when inhaling the gas over two hours.


Please contact Kim Dargan via email kvd4@kent.ac.uk