Non-Visible Disability Initiative Event 22 July 2022

Join us at this event showcasing the work of Medway Non-Visible Disability Initiative in Rochester

Non-visible disabilities are associated with a range of health conditions, including Parkinson’s disease. People may experience symptoms that are not immediately obvious or observable such as anxiety, depression, cognitive problems, fatigue, pain, changes to taste or smell, and bladder or bowel function.

People with non-visible disabilities can face challenges accessing what they need which impacts their everyday life. They can also experience humiliation and abuse.

Medway Non-Visible Disabilities Initiative (NVDi) aims to raise awareness and acceptance of non-visible disabilities in the community, to promote inclusiveness and support people to live well with non-visible disabilities.

Please join us on July 22nd for an awareness event to showcase the work of NVDi.

We will be giving a presentation at the event on supporting people with neurological conditions who experience non-visible disabilities. We hope to see some of you there!

Find out more about the event here: NVDi Awareness Event (