Update from Parkinson’s UK: Participants wanted

Parkinson’s UK are calling on the Parkinson’s community to take part in 5 important clinical studies that are currently at risk of closure.

There are 5 Parkinson’s UK-supported studies currently behind on their recruitment targets due to the coronavirus pandemic and at risk of closure. We are urging people from the Parkinson’s community to come forward.

Each trial is looking for people who meet specific criteria, for instance you may experience anxiety, falls, hallucinations or low mood. But it’s not just people with Parkinson’s who can take part. The AND-PD study, for example, is also looking for people who do not have the condition.

In total, Parkinson’s UK and other funders have invested several million pounds in these trials. If they have to close early, this will be wasted, and will delay the delivery of potentially life changing new treatments for Parkinson’s.


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