Kent Fresh Doorstep Deliveries help more than 100 vulnerable people and carers

More than 100 vulnerable people and carers have been supported by Kent Fresh Doorstep Deliveries thanks to a Covid-19 response grant from Santander Universities.

Kent Fresh, which began offering doorstep deliveries when the pandemic lockdown began, applied for the funding through the University of Kent’s partnership with Santander.

With the £500 grant, Kent Fresh, provided two care homes with fresh fruit and vegetables to feed more than 60 residents and key worker staff.

In addition, the company, which is based in Westgate, delivered 30 food bags to Birchington Food Bank which will providing support to a further 50 people.

Director, Bobby Mason, said: “When lockdown began we quickly realised that doorstep deliveries were going to be vital in ensuring vulnerable people were able to get the nutritious food they needed to get through.

“Being able to support care homes, key workers and other vulnerable people has been a huge privilege.”

The grants where distributed through the Kent Business School which highlighted the funding through its regular newsletter to businesses.