University is worth £0.7 billion to the local economy


A new report reaffirms the University’s role as a major economic, cultural and social force in the region and the positive contribution of its students.

In 2014, the University commissioned an economic impact study for the financial year 2012/13.

Among the key findings, the report shows that:

  • The University is worth £0.7 billion to the economy of the south east and directly or indirectly supports just over 7,800 jobs in the region
  • it generates over £520 million per year for the Canterbury area and over ten per cent of all Canterbury jobs
  • it generates over £80 million per year in the Medway area and 830 full-time local jobs
  • its student off-campus spend in the region is estimated to be almost £250 million, generating £283 million for the region and creating 2,532 full-time equivalent jobs
  • the estimated off-campus expenditure of its international students from over 140 countries was £60.3 million
  • the University’s total export earnings are £111.9 million, making an important contribution to the UK balance of trade
  • the University is the largest conference venue in the south east, handling more than 2,000 residential events and 145,000 overnight stays
  • during 2013 alone, 97,786 visitors attended events at the Gulbenkian and Colyer-Fergusson Music Building.

The report, produced by Viewforth Consulting , also shows that the University’s students delivered a total of 104,868 volunteering hours in 2013/14 with an estimated economic value of between £527,000 and £640,000, benefitting more than 50 local organisations. 16,000 of those hours were delivered by Medway students.

In collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University , the University also commissioned a report on the joint impact of the two universities on the region.

A report commissioned by Universities UK  on the economic role of UK universities is also available.