Guest lecture on digital forensics by Keith Cottenden from 3B Data Security

Keith Cottenden giving a guest lecture on digital forensics

On Thursday 4 April 2024, Keith Cottenden, Director of Operations – Digital Forensics and Incident Response – at 3B Data Security, delivered a guest talk for students of the module “Introduction to Digital Forensics” at our campus in Canterbury.

Dr Virginia Franqueira, module leader, said: “Keith visited us and delivered an inspiring guest talk to students. He covered a range of topics related to digital forensics in practice ranging from career paths to relevant skills and how to become forensically-prepared. I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to Keith for finding the time to come all the way to Canterbury for the talk.”

Students enjoyed the guest lecture and this is what they said:

“Keith was incredibly inspiring and informative about future job prospects and directions we, postgraduate students, could go in. It was a shame we ran out of time!”

“Keith delivered a captivating guest lecture to us. His presentation did not only enrich us, students, with understanding of digital forensic but also stirred our enthusiasm for pursuing careers in this field. Special thanks to Dr Virginia for organising this insightful session.”

“Keith went into good detail of what we may face if we start work in the digital forensics which is very useful since we can start preparing mentally for it beforehand. Secondly, he was very informative on what employers are looking for and what additional qualifications we can aim to get in order to secure a better chance of landing a position in the digital forensics realm. Thank you, Keith!”

Keith Cottenden said: “In the realm of digital forensics, meticulous analysis and unwavering dedication can unravel even the most complex mysteries. Let us carry forward the lessons learned today as guardians of truth in the digital age. Thank you for your engagement and good luck in your pursuit of a graduate opportunity in this noble pursuit.”