iCSS researchers to map PhD theses in the UK to CyBOK

Dr Virginia Franqueira, Dr Jason Nurse and Professor Shujun Li from the Institute of Cyber Security for Society (iCSS) and School of Computing, at the University of Kent, have been awarded funding for a new project that will map cyber security PhD theses of UK HEIs (higher education institutions) to CyBOK (Cyber Security Body of Knowledge).

The work is funded by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ) through a competitive open call from the CyBOK project led by the University of Bristol. The aim of the CyBOK project is to create a body of knowledge for cyber security education and professional training.

This new project will map research topics of PhD theses, published by UK HEIs in the past five years, to the CyBOK knowledge areas and sub-topics. Findings from the project will provide insights about how PhD research in the UK relates to the CyBOK and how this has evolved over time. Such insights can help inform future cyber security capacity building activities of UK HEIs.

Dr Virginia Franqueira said, “As an education-oriented cyber security body of knowledge, the CyBOK has been adopted by the NCSC and UK HEIs to guide certification, development and delivery of cyber security degree courses and other educational programmes. However, how cyber security research at the postgraduate research (PhD) level is mapped to the CyBOK remains largely unknown to the community. We are really pleased to get this funding, which will allow us to conduct the first such mapping exercise to better understand both cyber security related PhD studies in the UK and their connections with the more fundamental aspects of cyber security defined in the CyBOK.”