Successful Completion of the PGCHE and AFS

The Centre for the Study of Higher Education would like to congratulate our latest cohort of staff and students who successfully completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) and the Associate Fellowship Scheme (AFS). A total of 20 staff and 38 Graduate Teaching Assistants had their results confirmed at the November exam board.

Completion of the PGCHE grants Fellowship of Advance HE (formerly the Higher Education Academy) and completion of the AFS grants Associate Fellowship of Advance HE.

Dawne Irving-Bell, external examiner to CSHE added “It’s really good to see such a large number of colleagues progressing through both the PGGHE and AFS programmes, and many with really strong pieces of work which are evidenced by the high grades attained.”

“These outcomes are of course great for students who are already benefitting from the innovative work to improve learning, teaching and assessment practices, but also for staff in securing additional recognition for their own continuing professional development.”

Congratulations again to our new Fellows and Associate Fellows of Advance HE.