Student Blog: ‘The most adulterous towns in the UK. Tunbridge Wells was most adulterous town – with 2.20 per cent having an affair’

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This statement came from an article on the daily mail website which claimed Tunbridge Wells in Kent was the most adulterous town in the country UK with 2.2% having an affair. The data was created by looking at members of an adultery dating site and seeing which towns most came from. They found the highest number 1146 members in Tunbridge Wells. The sample is completely unreliable as it was not interviewing all members of the adult population across the country just that small number from a dating site. The number is therefore not accurate as it is more likely that there are just more people on dating sites in Tunbridge wells than in other areas. The article also shows how the top towns are very wealthy areas (with Guilford in Surrey coming second) and so it could be that they just have more time to spend on dating sites rather than working. The source of the data is also very unreliable. It comes from the infidelity index 2017 which only surveys 3% of the adult population of the UK. This small sample is another way it is completely unrepresentative which creates inaccurate data. It would be more accurate to say that 2.2% of the people of Tunbridge Wells who are members of are adulterous.

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