Student Blog: the average Brit spends £40K on fashion in a lifetime

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This article in the Daily Star stated that the average British person spends £40,000 on fashion in a lifetime. The survey had a good sample size of 2000 respondents making it representative of the British population. Yet, this research was carried out by, which offers discounts in a range of clothes shops, both online and in high street stores. Therefore, the outcome of this research would likely work in favor of, as it would make consumers consider ways to decrease the amount they spend on clothes, thus increasing the popularity of their website. Furthermore, another study by found that online voucher codes drive higher spending. Therefore, the sample taken from the website’s customers is not likely to be very representative, as they are spending more than the average British person on clothes. It was found that the average voucher code user spent 71% more online than those who do not use them. Overall, although a good sample size was taken, it is not likely to representative as they are customers of the website, who are likely to be spending more money on fashion. In addition, this research works in favor of, as the outcome would encourage more people to use their website.

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