Student Blog: Oxford students are the hardest working in the UK, but they’re also the most miserable

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Headline: Oxford students are the hardest working in the UK, but they’re also the most miserable

The article states that students studying in the area of Oxford are the unhappiest students in the country and from the start gives statistics to shock the reader such as “22% of people studying at the city’s two universities saying they regret enrolling,” however, at no point gives the link or original data from the ‘Sodexo’ survey that these statistics have come from. The article does say that the survey asked thousands of students but it is not specific on the sample number or the number of respondents they asked and from which exact universities and so for this reason could be misleading to the reader. It is extremely difficult to find information on the Sodexo website and unclear where exactly they got their data from and so as well as not directly giving the information on where they found the statistics from, online it is also unclear as to where the readers can so find out for themselves. As the survey was done by ‘Sodexo student living’ it has not been carried out by an official university or government organisation it could be said to be misleading and low in validity as a research. It is unclear what exactly the students are unhappy with, despite the article mentioning that it asked about nightlife and takeaways due to not having easy access to the data itself, it is not known what the attitudes were towards other areas of university life such as social societies, which may enable us to see that they are happier with certain aspects of life there.

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