Student blog post: “Not playing anymore: Millions of Brits snub National Lottery after ‘disastrous changes’”

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First off, the article never gives a precise number as to how many people have apparently stopped using the national lottery. Furthermore, there is no mention as to how this data was acquired and we can be pretty sure they didn’t ask a million people.  The article headline also claims there have been ‘disastrous changes’ and this really could not be further from the truth, these so called disasters included raising the ticket price by about 50 pence and upping the number of total balls by ten, from 49-59. These changes are hardly disastrous and nobody really cared as the national lottery is still going strong and people will always play if there is even the smallest chance of winning. This article title is simply just a way to gain more readers as clicks equal money. The lottery is fine, no one cares or is angry and it is as simple as that.

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