Student blog post: Councils issue more than £8.8m worth of unauthorised school absence fines in a single year

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After checking all the statistics, the article shows a realistic view of the number of unauthorised absences within the 145 councils researched. The article gives a very details account to why there has been a change in policy towards the attitude of parents taking their children out of school for things such as holidays. However, only 145 councils were part of the data and only represent 34.5% families out of the 418 councils within England. This does not give the reader the whole picture of the amount of unauthorised absences within England, making the data limited and lack validity. The statistics for the remaining 273 councils within England could show the reader something completely different from the data in this article. The data was collected from the freedom of information request conducted by law firm Simpson Millar from schools and local councils ensuring the data was truthful and from a direct source where they could be checked.

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