Student blog post: One third of whites claim they are victims of racism  

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According to this article on the Daily Mail, researchers have claimed that a ‘growing number of white people feel they are victims of racial prejudice in Britain’. The article states that 29% have said that they now expect to be treated worse than other races by public services and how they have been discriminated from jobs more in the past five years. This research was found from a Government study however the name of the Government study has not been specified.

In addition, the article also reveals how most ethnic minorities living in Britain feel stronger ties to the nation than whites. It shows how a survey of 15,000 people ordered by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears is likely to prompt a fierce debate about the disillusionment of the white majority.

This article is extremely unreliable as it does not state exactly where the information has come from. It just states how it has come from government surveys but it does not specify what type of Government survey and who has conducted it. Moreover, it does not say the type of population they asked such as their age, gender, ethnicity and class who may have revealed different answers. The article also doesn’t specify what areas within Britain that they came from as it might also have influenced the person’s answers. Additionally, the article states that they used a survey to ask how they felt about the statement, however it does not specify how many people responded, how it was distributed and how they gained the sample they had. Another major criticism is that the article does not state how many people responded to the survey. This could mean that only a small number of people responded which does not represent the population living in Britain, therefore making the statement incorrect.



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