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The other day while talking with my mother, she told me she saw on the news that paedophilia has increased by 200% these past year. When I asked her where did she get that statistic from, she said that she saw it on a news report on a Spanish TV channel she usually watches. I then decided to do some research on the topic and see whether this statistic was true or it was just fake and exaggerated to have a sensationalist report on the news. I couldn’t find much dated to this year, neither last year (2016) by typing on Google search “paedophilia increased 200%”. The only interesting thing that caught my eye was this forum post (the following link) http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1162851/pg1 related to paedophiles under Trump’s protection. After having a read through, one of the few conclusions I have is that maybe paedophilia has increased, but it just isn’t covered by media as much as other issues, hence why sometimes people hear little about it or just becomes an invisible problem for some and this may be due to the latest terrorist attacks. So the attention media puts towards other issues is now directed/has shifted to horrors and sensational news reporting, since terrorist attacks are events that don’t tend to happen very often but most people are afraid of being a victim of terrorism themselves or somebody they know and is close to them.

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