Student blog post: New ‘immoral’ London flats will be 40% smaller than Travelodge rooms

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This story claims that flats built in London, will be 40% smaller than Travelodge rooms. The headline however does not state how many flats this Involves, and instead implies that it will be all new flats constructed within the capital. The story goes on to explain it is only one block of flats, totalling 254 flats, however even if it included this, the headline would still be false. The wording of the headline suggests that all of the flats will be smaller, although even of the 254, only a small amount of these will be smaller than a Travelodge room. The rooms which are measured at 16sqm, are in fact 42.8% smaller than the size of the average Travelodge room, which is 28sqm, so the data used for this part at least is correct. However, the story states that 95% of the 254 flats would be under 37sqm, but does not state how far under. Even so, the size must be somewhere between 28sqm and 37sqm, and so it is a very small number of flats which in fact conform to the claims of the headline. A quote from one of the buildings architects further confirms this; “of the 254 apartments, only one unit on each floor is 16sqm” – And so the stories headline, which suggests that all flats in London being built will be under the 28sqm size of a Travelodge room, is very much incorrect.

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