Student blog post: Majority of Britons demand national public holiday on Monday after clocks go forward, study shows

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New research on Brits and their feelings on a new bank holiday after the clock goes forward. They were asked about their feelings about the biannual change in time. And 60% of Brits get confused by this, they do not know which watches changes automatically and which does not, or if the time is changing an hour forward or backward. That is why they want a bank holiday after the time change so they can recover from this. When losing an hour 88% admits that they lose even more sleep, some admits to lose up to 4 hours of sleep due to the result of the clock change. A survey done by global sleep company Casper found that 48% of respondents experience a feeling of body clock confusion as a result of the national clock change.

The article does not say how many people completed the survey, and neither does it say anything on what types of questions they asked. There is no other links on the site to where we can the information from those who conducted the survey. If they asked in the survey if people would have one more bank holiday, most of the population would probably have one or two extra bank holidays. I think that a majority of people would really like having a bank holiday on a Monday, but if it is because of the clock goes forward does not make sense. And there is no more information about this survey or their findings other than what is presented to us in the article, so for all I know this might be made up numbers.


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