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The distribution of wealth held by each decile has been broadly unchanged since 2001-2003, according to these figures. The share of Identified Wealth held by the richest decile of the Identified Wealth population has remained fairly stable, fluctuating between 44% and 45% throughout the period from 2001-2003 to 2011-2013. (HMRC Income Tax Statistics and Distributions


Looking at the graphs provided on the HMRC website to back up the findings, it does show that there was very little, if any at all, change in the in the wealth held by the richest decile from 2001-2003 and 2011-2013. The website is trust worthy and findings are from a survey which is a requirement for people to take part in, therefore none of the averages are misleading and the data provided is accurate.


The sample used is also representative of the whole research population and would have been kept the same over the research being conducted in 2011-2003 and 2011-2013 therefore the sample used is not biased. The measurements used are also appropriate for the way the data has been presented and for what the data will be used for. The table used to present the findings is easy to understand and does represent what is in the key finding statement.


Overall the headline is not misleading as the facts and figures all seem to match and the type of sample and measurements that have been used are clear and give a nonbiased argument. Therefore there would be no better way of stating the headline.

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