The Return of the Kent Copyright Community of Practice

Jane Secker and Chris Morrison –

I would like to invite you to join the first of our rebooted Kent Copyright Community of Practice sessions. Some readers may remember that I ran some sessions a few years back and created a SharePoint site to encourage discussion of copyright issues at Kent. However, I am restarting these sessions following creation of our Copyright Literacy Strategy which sets out a vision for developing confidence in working with copyright content.

The sessions will be set up to promote discussion, rather than simply being a briefing, so that we get the benefit of sharing our experiences. Anyone that wants to attend is welcome to come along, so just drop me a line at and I’ll send you an invite to the MS Teams meeting. I’ll be setting a theme for each session that will help people decide whether it will be of interest. The first theme will be the impact of copyright on providing access to teaching and learning resources, particularly given the shift to online learning.

I am absolutely delighted to say that my copyright literacy partner Jane Secker has agreed to join us for this first session. Jane and I will be sharing our experiences of running a series of webinars on copyright and online learning last year, as well as convening an ALT special interest group which focusses on the same subject. The webinars have looked at a number of areas such as the relationship between the CLA licence and ebook licensing models and access to audiovisual content. If these topics impact on your work at Kent it would be great if you could come along with any questions, stories or ideas about how to deal with the challenges.

Future sessions will cover other areas, including:

  • digitisation of collections and archives
  • accessibility
  • text and data mining
  • the implications of copyright on open access policy (inc. Plan S and the Rights Retention Strategy)
  • working with Creative Commons licences
  • copyright and publishing of web content
  • copyright and licensing of software/code

I look forward to seeing you at this session, or another one in future.


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