Next CoP meeting on copyright and accessibility is on 28 September

   Original Illustration David Bonazzi source CC-BY 3.0

I am very pleased that at the next copyright CoP Ben Watson from our Student Support and Wellbeing team will be talking to us about accessibility and copyright and we’ll be discussing if they are friends or foes.

Ben will share some of the work he has been doing to address some of the challenges copyright presents to accessibility including:

  • creating ‘accessibility buddies’,
  • using Load2Learn (now RNIB Bookshare),
  • contacting publishers for permission,
  • promoting use of copyright exceptions and the vagaries of how far you have to go to identify ‘commercially available copies’.

I can also recommend this copyrightuser resource for a straightforward explanation of how copyright law affects and supports those with disabilities.

As ever this is also an opportunity to talk about anything relating to copyright and I’m hoping that we might also have something to share on the creation of our digital copyright community space which I wrote about here.

If anyone would like to attend who hasn’t already received an invite please contact and I’ll be in touch.

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