AI Industry Forum

The AI Industry Forum brought together over 100 businesses and academics on our Canterbury Campus in May to discuss all things AI.

Facilitated by the AI and Data Analytics Group and held at the School of Computing, the Forum created a space for attendees to make connections and exchange insights. The groups had the chance to generate new projects ideas for how specific industries could respond to challenges and opportunities posed by AI.

Dr Daniel Soria, Dr Giovanni Masala, Prof Alex Freitas, Prof Jim Ang, Dr Anna Jordanous, Dr Ioanna Giorgi, Dr Marek Grzes , Prof Shujun Li and Dr Sanjay Bhattacherjee all contributed their expertise to the conversation.

We also heard from John Parkinson at HRGO and Ross Dyer-Smith at The Hurley Group who gave first-hand accounts of how they successfully collaborated with Kent to access expertise and Government funding via Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme.

Find out more about how our AI and Data Analytics group is working with the industry here.