Kierran Murrell – BSc Computer Science with a Year in Industry

Kierran Murrell image

Name: Kierran Murrell
Degree course: Computer Science with a Year in Industry

Why did you choose to study at Kent?

I knew before I started university, I wanted to undertake a year in industry placement during my studies. Kent was high ranking for the percentage of students that go on placement and their links with top employers attracted me to the university.

What has your course been like?

Wild! There is a wide variety of different modules to take and it really gave a good grasp of modern topics in today’s working world.

What have you enjoyed most?

I really enjoy the extra-curricular events that the school of computing put on. Like Hackathons and Virtual Pub Quizzes!

What is the most interesting thing that you’ve learned?

I really enjoyed a lot of the backend web development modules. Like Database design and implementations. It’s definitely something I’d like to carry across when I graduate!

Where did you spend your year in industry?

Hiscox Underwriting Ltd.

What have you learnt while on your placement?

I learned how to manage work backlogs and processes in a modern agile way. Applying some concepts that university has taught me into a real-life environment.

What is the best thing about your placement?

Hiscox really cared about the development of their placement students. I was enrolled onto the company PDR scheme and managed to improve on a lot of interpersonal skills which I carried over into my KITC module.

What has been the hardest thing about being on placement?

I think where I spent the past two years around other computer science students, talking about methods of working, trying to empathise and get to a level that a lot of the business employees could understand was quite difficult! Also, when I started my placement there was a lot to learn! I spent the first month training up on a lot of business terminology!

Do you think it will change your approach to learning in your final year?

Definitely! Being exposed to consultancy with real external clients in my KITC module, I can use the skills I learned during placement to really flourish in my work for the business to deliver high quality products.

What are your future plans / aspirations?

My KITC module really envisioned the world of consulting to me. It incorporates everything I enjoyed about my placement year so it’s an industry I’d like to work in. Right now, I’m just throwing out my applications for a graduate role. My placement year really gave me that boost to show to top employers. Some places include IBM and AWS.

Anything else you would like to say about your course, Kent or your placement?

Definitely try and do a placement year (yes it means an even longer course)! The benefits coming out of it is really beneficial for your future. A HUGE thanks to the placement team at the School of Computing for all their hard work and support for helping me find and secure my year in industry!