Gowsi Masi on Becoming a Solutions Architect

Gowsi Masi photo

Name: Gowsi Masi
Degree course: Computing with year in industry

Why did you choose Kent?

The University of Kent is highly rated for Computing and was overall ranked high in the UK. Also hearing about the amazing facilities and resources they had available made me more attracted to joining!

What attracted you to the course? 

Being interested in technology overall, I wanted to get into a field where I could use my previous knowledge and skills. Looking over the modules beforehand I knew most modules I wanted to learn and find out more about.

Did you do a year in industry? If so where and how useful was it in getting a graduate job?

Yes, I did my year in industry at Wanstor based in London Bridge. Here my role was a Network Operations Engineer where I helped operate the networks for the clients we managed. I believe the year in industry definitely helped me secure a graduate job and helped me network with people already in the work environment.

How did your degree course lay the foundations for your chosen career path? 

My degree helped expand my knowledge in the field I want to get into, which I did. The role I currently do is involved in similar modules I have learnt in my degree which I felt was to my interest.

Could you describe your career path since leaving Kent? 

Since leaving Kent, I have got into a graduate scheme at BT. My current role is a Solutions Architect. This is similar to my industry year placement although it is not as technical, which I prefer, although in starting this role I did have a lot of training in order to understand most of the processes.

Could you describe a typical day in your current role?

Providing OSS solutions for BT across Ethernet products. Getting involved in business process analysis, customer satisfaction, solution architecture, design delivery, deliver & test support and project management. Sounds confusing but in a nutshell, I help provide a better solution to the way things are being dealt with currently.

What are your future plans/aspirations? 

Become a senior/manager in what I do or to become a consultant in what I do and to travel the world doing so.

Do you have any other happy memories of Kent that you would like to share with us?

I miss the nightlife and waking up late in bed

Finally, what advice would you give to someone thinking of coming to Kent?

Kent is a great place to come and learn. The facilities, resources and teaching provided is amazing. Great place for culture, nightlife and events too. I would say make sure you do the coursework sooner rather than later so you won’t be stressed haha and don’t be afraid to ask for help!