I spent my year in industry at Citrix Systems, a Global Leading Software company.

Temmy Sulemon is a final year student on the Business Information Technology with a Year in Industry BSc and recently took on the role of Employability Ambassador in the School of Computing at Medway.

Temmy Sulemon

Why did you choose to study at Kent?
I chose to Study at the University of Kent because of the culture, education standards and of course the social life. The mixture of ethnicities and personalities here is brilliant and I like being a part of a diverse student body. The world is a big place, and I thought attending a big reputable university not too far from home would better prepare me for life in the real world.

What has your course been like?
My course has been going really well. The ability to gain an in-depth insight into the world of technology as well as the enterprise of business is really amusing and rewarding. Although coming back from a placement year straight into final year, the transition can be difficult at first and the workload may become very demanding. However, with the skills gained on placement I don’t believe my time management and working towards deadlines would be a challenge.

What have you enjoyed most?
I’ve enjoyed the process of collaboratively working with peers in a variety of different aspects whether it be group work, workshop classes, seminars. The ability to learn from others is always a blessing, and I’ll continue to take this approach everywhere that I go.

What is the most interesting thing that you’ve learned?
How to calculate an organisation’s accounting year as well as the ability to decode and code specific text using Cipher text and Plain Text.

Where did you spend your year in industry?
I spent my year in industry at Citrix Systems, a Global Leading Software company.

What did you learn in that time?
Gained in-depth technical knowledge of the Citrix technology stack as well as other software vendor technologies allowing me to demonstrate technical competency when client servicing. I also learnt how the business market operates and how technology plays a crucial role in a vast number of corporations.

Has it changed your approach to learning in your final year?
Most definitely, my approach to learning in my final year is all about perspective. Thinking outside the box and conducting further research into the littlest of things in order to gain a much more exquisite understanding of the topic. My second approach is to be diligent by asking insightful questions.

What are your plans after you graduate?
My plan is to go back to Citrix as a System Engineer on the Leadership Development program taking place in Dublin. I enjoyed my year at Citrix, I understand the technology and the market, so it’s only right to make a fruitful return.

Anything else you’d like to say about your course, Kent or your placement?
I was always willing to go the extra mile whilst on placement, not only did I want to make an impression but also, I wanted to challenge myself. I didn’t want my placement to come to an end before realizing that I should’ve done more, that’s why I made sure to put all my effort into each task I was assigned to and to strive to the best of my ability in every project.

If you would like to be put in touch with Temmy to discuss how to improve your employability or to be mentored while searching for a placement please email csemploy@kent.ac.uk