Miray Has – Year in Computing student

Miray is a Biomedical student who has chosen to add a Year in Computing to her degree


What is the title of your degree?

Biomedical Science with a Year in Computing.

Why did you choose to study the Year in Computing?

I had the chance to study the compelling module of Bioinformatics during my second year of Biomedical science. The complexity of trying to understand new concepts was very fascinating, yet very difficult but knowing that I have only vaguely scraped the concept of computing made me eager to gain a more deeper understanding.

What was it like studying in a different school?

The support I received from the school of Computing was praiseworthy, always encouraging us to advance ourselves both educationally and culturally.

What did you do for your project?

I developed a web application called CGI, Center for Genetic Information, that provides information about genetic diseases and the effect it has on human health, also presenting a visual representation of the corresponding mutation on a dynamic chromosome structure.

How would you sum up the Year in Computing?

It has been an influential part of my education in terms of challenging myself and studying something out of my comfort zone, subsequently increasing my skill sets and transferable skills and shaping my career path.

Would you recommend studying the Year in Computing?

Everybody with a drive for challenge and passion for computing should enrol on this course.

What are you doing now?

Studying my final year in Biomedical Science.